• SWaT Assault / Crawler: Designed and developed CLI Python applications for the SWaT testbed which includes: 1) a parser for the Common Industrial Protocol stack, 2) a library of attack modules capable of launching diverse spoofing and bad-data injection attacks against the sensor and actuator signals, and 3) defense modules implementing bad-data detection and CUSUM algorithms for anomaly detection. 
  • SigPath: Designed and implemented with Python a memory graph based analysis tool for extraction of signature paths from program's memory that can be applied on game hacking and forensics. 
  • Secured File System: Designed and developed with C++ a file system with hierarchical directory structures, dynamic block allocation, and block encryption with variable AES keys sizes of 128 to 256 bits. 
  • Overlay Steganographic File System (OSFS): Designed and developed with Java a standalone, extensible Java application to perform Steganography. OSFS allows for storing of multiple hidden files (stego files) in a file system composed by a set of host images. 
  • DIVAS: Contributed on the design and implementation of a generic set of reusable Java components and libraries that can be instantiated and integrated to create agent-based simulation systems. 
  • Smart Home Intelligent Prototype (SHIP): Applied Java to develop a set of agent-based firmwares for optimization of home energy and water usage by automatic regulation of appliances and devices. 
  • Security and Portals for SUMA Grid: Implemented an integration mechanism between SUMA and Teragrid using Proxy certificates, X508 certificates and the Globus toolkit. Moreover, built an Web Portal based on Portlets JSR-168 for SUMA Grid. 
  • P2P File sharing software: Peer to peer application for transmission and sharing of files developed with Java and ANSI C.